Published in the Official Gazette: Coronavirus Treatment will be Free


With a new decision published today in the Official Gazette, it has been announced that people caught with coronavirus will be treated free of charge regardless of whether they have social security or not.

Measures continue to be taken in our country against the coronavirus epidemic, which infects more than 1.8 million people worldwide and causes more than 110 thousand people to die. In a decision published in the Official Gazette today that Turkey will be made after the finalization of the coronavirus free treatment.

In the decision published in the Official Gazette, it was stated that regardless of whether there is any social security within the scope of the epidemic, all citizens will benefit from the tests, protective equipment and medicines provided and distributed by the Ministry of Health free of charge. The Ministry of Health has been authorized for the implementation of the regulation on free coronavirus therapy and for correction of some problems.

Public hospitals will administer free coronavirus therapy regardless of social security
While the coronavirus treatment was made free in state-owned hospitals with the decision published in the Official Gazette, no explanation has yet been made as to whether private hospitals are included in the scope of the decision.

The issue of what would be the treatment costs of people without social security, which is one of the important questions that people think about during the coronavirus epidemic, has been resolved with the new decision published.

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