Public Transport Vehicle Design You Will Not See The Face Of Other Passengers

Autonomous driving and autonomous vehicles are the leading technologies of the last period. The emergence of a new autonomous vehicle design expresses a new horizon. The autonomous vehicle design, called Joyn, offers 8 passengers a personal use area that does not see each other.

Some of the ongoing development efforts on autonomous vehicles are autonomous vehicles to be used for public transportation. A design proposal for autonomous vehicles to be used for public transport came from the Layer design studio in the UK.

The autonomous vehicle designed by the Layer design studio was named Joyn. Joyn autonomous vehicles have 8 seats arranged differently. The seats designed in the form of the letter S provide the protection of the personal areas of the passengers. 8 people who do not know each other with the seats designed in this way can travel by protecting their personal space.

Benjamin Hubert, the founder and creative director of Layer, said that it is an important development that people who do not know each other can sit so close and protect their privacy. Hubert added that the concept design can really be produced.

Joyn autonomous vehicle design, which can offer public transportation services with an important personal space, also offers a work area with a tray to be opened in front of the passenger.

Joyn autonomous vehicle design differs from other autonomous vehicle designs developed in the same period with its seat structure. The mutual 6-seat design in the autonomous vehicle called Origin, introduced by General Motors last week, offered a more social space compared to Joyn’s 8-seat design.

Designed by the Layer design studio, the Joyn autonomous vehicle stands at this design level in any case. But the power of design can make the idea come true by a vehicle manufacturer. Currently there is only the design of the interior of the vehicle. Designing the exterior of the vehicle in the coming days will be an important development for the production of Joyn.



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