PUBG will run at 60fps on Xbox Series X and PS5


The PUBG Console Team announces that Series S will remain at 30fps but that they are working to unlock it and achieve higher performance.

The team behind PUBG, one of the great Battle Royale, has announced its plans for the new generation of consoles, starting with the performance that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game will have when Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5 arrive. The two most popular platforms The beneficiaries will be both Series X and the PS5 itself, since in both cases we will have an option to prioritize the framerate and allow it to work at 60 frames per second as happens in PS4 Pro and One X. For its part, Xbox Series maintains 30 fps that we have in Xbox One S, although they admit that they are working “to offer an option to increase the framerate in both One S and Series S in the future.”

As explained in the same statement, after “rigorous testing, the performance of the game is extremely smooth and stable, with much faster and smaller loading times and no frame drops thanks to the new generation of consoles and their potential.” The PUBG Console Team recalls that both game performance and stability are “a priority for us” and are grateful for the support received. “This is an exciting time for console gamers everywhere,” they add.

Cross game arrival

In addition, they have also confirmed that the game will be enjoyable from the first day in the new generation: on November 10 on Xbox Series, on November 12 on PS5 for selected countries and on November 19, for the rest of the world where Spain is included. . In addition, they will support cross-play between generations, so Xbox One, PS4, Series and PS5 players will be able to form their own squad and play against each other on the battlefield.

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