PUBG Will Have A New Map Soon And A Possible New Mechanics


PUBG: Developer Krafton recently revealed that the new PUBG map, formerly known as Tiger, has been officially named Taego. As some fans may have noticed, this will be the first 8x8km map in a while, as the ones that were released previously were either 4x4km or 6x6km.

Also according to the studio, the map will arrive on PC on July 7, but console gamers will have to wait for the news until July 15th. As has happened on other occasions, there will be tests of the map going on a week before its official release, just by entering the servers dedicated to these tests to check out Taego first hand.

If you want to check it out even before these tests, just take a look at the teaser above that was released last Wednesday (16). A really cool new feature is that this will be the first map that will allow players to return to the game even after their characters die.

Krafton has yet to clarify how this mechanic will work, but some PUBG fans are already speculating that this system might work similarly to what we see in Gulag in Call of Duty: Warzone. For those who have never played Warzone, when your character dies, you go to Gulag to fight other players for the chance to return to the game.

This news would be very interesting, even to give a fresh look at the classic PUBG gameplay. And you, did you like knowing that you will have a second chance in the battle royale matches? Let us know in the comments below!


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