PUBG turns into horror! (A free game gift is also available)


The popular game in the genre of the royal battle PUBG: Battlegrounds will turn into a horror for a short time. The game will collaborate with Dead by Deadlight for a special Halloween.

PUBG: Battlegrounds, which was released in 2017 and is a pioneer of the battle royale genre, can offer players a variety of experiences by collaborating with various manufacturers and companies today. This time the game has become a partner of the popular horror and thriller Dead by Daylight.

According to the announcement distributed by PUBG, the game will turn into a horror for a certain time, especially for Halloween. From October 21 to November 7, players will have access to a specially created game mode from the main menu.

What will the new game mode offer?

The new game mode will be a game mode in which players try to catch up with each other, which makes Dead by Deadlight famous and popular so far. There will be three survivors and a killer in the game mode. The players will be tasked with repairing their generators, opening the escape door and escaping from this killer.

Also, a big surprise awaits the players:
After winning the game mode, each player will also receive a special surprise. The winning players will receive a code that will allow them to add Dead by Deadlight to their library for free. Those who win 10 times in game mode will receive a Nurse character mask from Dead by Deadlight.

In addition, players will also have the opportunity to win a total of four masks, four costumes, bags and special nameplates throughout the event. Unlike the event, these items can be won from November 19th to December 9th.


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