PUBG: The best drop points in Haven


Haven is a game map in PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS that serves as the first PvPvE zone in the game to feature The Pillar, an AI–controlled hostile faction that guards high-level loot caches. On this island, players should expect a battle at medium and short distances. Compared to other maps such as Vikendi or Taego, Haven is noticeably small, which means that PUBG fighters are likely to encounter each other more often.

Due to the cramped but crowded places to explore in Haven, PUBG players may not know where they should stop and start their initial loot searches. For most fighters, the landing location will determine their survival rate at the beginning and middle of the game. For example, if a player can’t find a decent firearm within the first few minutes, staying alive until the fourth or fifth psychiatrist of the Circle will be quite difficult. Of course, skill plays an important role, but for the average player, the difference between an M416 and a crossbow can be life and death. So knowing the best places to stay in Haven can help a lot in the long run.

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As mentioned above, The Pillar will also pose a threat as PUBG players search for loot in Haven. In addition, unique enemy mobs, such as the Pillar reconnaissance helicopter or the Pillar tactical truck, will chase players who dare to set foot on their territory. Accordingly, it is important to keep this PvE factor in mind when choosing the optimal places to reset.

Where PUBG Players should look in Haven

Here is a list of the top three places to find on the Haven map in PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS:

1. Residential: Location — south of the map | Notable features. There are very dense buildings in this area with rooms filled with medium and high-level loot. A large number of objects and a complex layout of a residential building provide many shelters for strategic firefights. As a result, this zone is a hotspot for players.2. Industrial Park: Location – north of the map | Notable features. The density of development in this area is less than in residential, but still offers a lot of land mining in PUBG. The wide open areas of the Industrial Park provide a space for escape from danger, with several exits from most buildings.3. Coal depots: Location — east of the map | Notable features. Although mining in this area pales in comparison to a residential or industrial park, it is a great place for beginners to get their bearings. It’s mostly safe, giving players time to understand the location of the land and explore the map in peace before heading to more populated areas.


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