PUBG: The best drop points in Destin


With the addition of the Deston map to PUBG: Battlegrounds, players will have to figure out where the best place to fall is to maximize their chances of winning. PUBG: Battlegrounds is a free battle royale game in which up to a hundred players compete for survival on the map, collecting weapons and equipment that will help them in their quest to become the last surviving person or team. As the game progresses, the playing area begins to narrow, as a result of which only a small part of the map remains safe, which forces the survivors to engage in direct confrontation. Deston is the ninth map added to PUBG: Battlegrounds, and it comes with exclusive features that will force players to adapt if they want to win.

Deston is the largest map ever added to PUBG, where players can explore many cities and attractions. It offers a unique and diverse environment that ranges from swamps and coastlines to cities and mountain slopes. The tall buildings of the region provide many excellent sniper positions, and the new reusable parachutes will allow players to move to other buildings on the fly. There are also many secret locations, some of which can only be accessed by drones.

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Together with Deston, PUBG has added many exclusive features, including Ascenders, which are incredibly useful for climbing or descending buildings. Also in PUBG: Battlegrounds, a new Airboat vehicle was introduced, which will allow players to easily travel on land and water, but risks being shot because it offers virtually no shelter. Cell towers are tall structures that players can use to zip to the top to glide through the terrain on their parachutes. Finally, players will have access to the Blue Chip detector, a tactical gear that allows them to detect players in a fixed radius.

The best places to fall in Destone in PUBG: Battlegrounds

Deston is a huge map that offers players many options for landing places. Big cities like Ripton should have a higher prey density and provide better cover, but they will probably also be the chosen landing spots for most PUBG players, which means they will probably engage in combat as soon as they touch the ground. Alternatively, players can go to less crowded places, such as Kavala or a Construction site, at the expense of less loot. Due to the vertical nature of this region, high-rise cities can quickly become a haven for snipers who manage to find a good position, so players who are unlucky enough to approach one of them in the middle or end of the game may find themselves in a difficult position. quite a disadvantage.

The lodge in Destone hides an underground bunker with tons of decent loot and even a secret room that requires a key card to open, which makes it one of the best places on this map in PUBG: Battlegrounds. This bunker also has three passageways that lead in and out to the neighborhood of the cabin, which players can use to their advantage. This place is likely to attract several people every game, which makes these passages incredibly useful for setting traps and ambushes on unsuspecting players who head straight to the bunker.


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