PUBG: the best drop points in Archangel


Erangel is a game map in PUBG, which became one of the first Battleground arenas that the game was supposed to offer. Although the zone has been updated, forests, coastal towns, industrial areas and residential areas have generally remained the same. However, it is still important for both new and old players to know where to start their journey to the “Chicken Dinner” in PUBG before dropping to the map.

There are several unique open places to explore on Erangel Island; therefore, PUBG players may be at a loss where they should stop and start the initial loot search. For most fighters, their landing location will determine their survival rate at the beginning and middle of the game. If the player can’t find a decent firearm within the first few minutes, staying alive until the fourth or fifth psychiatrist of the Circle will be quite difficult. Naturally, skill plays an important role, but for the average player, the difference between a weapon like the M416 and a pistol can be life and death. Thus, knowing the best places to stay in Erangel can greatly help in the long run.

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Fans should keep in mind that although some locations in Erangel may be objectively better than others in terms of PUBG loot, the decision on which landing spot is best for the player will largely depend on personal preferences and style of play. Those who crave action will have no problem landing in hot spots, while people who prefer stealth and strategic survival will naturally prefer less populated areas. Accordingly, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial to choosing the best landing spot on the Erangel PUBG map.

Where to go in Erangel in PUBG

Here is a list of the top five locations in Erangel from PUBG:

Sosnova Military base: Location – south of the map | Notable Features — Offers high-level weapons and equipment and provides open spaces that are great for initial shootouts. Georgopol: Location — northwest of the map | Notable Features — offers a balanced combination of decent cover and loot, as well as many good places to ambush enemies in PUBGSchool: Location — Map center | Notable Features – Offers an excellent central starting point for easy access to the next circle reduction quarry: Location – Southwest of the map | Notable features — offers decent loot, and rugged terrain provides unique angles for firefights. Stalber: Location — northeast of the map | Notable Features — Offers less loot than the previous four attractions, but it’s a great place to get off to a safe start.


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