PUBG: strategy guide and best weapons


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known by the acronym “PUBG” among Internet users, is a first-person shooter in the battle royale format launched in 2017. Its debut was a huge success among players from all over the world, starting a new niche in its genre and a number of other franchises such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone.

Tips for playing PUBG better

In general, the battle royale game genre has a simple goal: to be the last player or team, in some cases, remaining. In the case of PUBG, there are modes with up to 100 players vying for the much-desired victory. The proposal, although it seems quite difficult, can be reached more easily using tactics and knowing the resources available on the battlefield.

In this sense, TecMundo prepared a guide with some strategies and information with the best weapons to achieve victory in PUBG, which is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia. It is worth mentioning that the tips are valid for all versions, but are especially directed to the console and desktop versions of the game.

How to survive longer

Contrary to what it seems, the constant knockout may not be the most efficient way to win at PUBG. A tactical, well thought out and cautious approach can reward players in most scenarios, whether it be avoiding direct conflicts or camping in strategic positions on the maps. Even if you don’t win, the closer you get to the podium, the more experience and ranking points you get – which makes the tips below even more important.

It is recommended that the movement on the map be done in a strategic way, until it becomes intuitive over time. The player should avoid, whenever possible, areas without coverage and unfavorable relief – generally, the higher, the better the vantage point. Next, it is important to check for enemies and be patient before opening fire, as they may be in a group, if it is a match in team mode.

Similarly, if the player encounters enemies in combat, it is ideal to wait for the winner of the dispute before entering the exchange of shots and revealing his position. The main advantage of this tactic is to minimize the time of conflict and risk exposure, challenging players who are already disadvantaged with less health points and scarce ammunition, making them easy targets.

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How to shoot better at PUBG

Before engaging in an exchange of fire, the player must also evaluate the weapons available in his inventory and judge whether they will be effective in the distance faced to the target. This review can prevent unnecessary deaths since, for example, a sniper has precision and long range, but is practically inefficient in close-range combat despite its damage – while, on the other hand, the reverse is true for submachine guns. See some set suggestions below:

For the more daring

This set of weapons is best used by players who prefer close and medium distance combat, as it has a high rate of fire with a moderate reduction in accuracy. It stands out indoors or in situations that require high mobility, reflex and aim. However, it can be inefficient over long distances.

If identified, the suggestion is to take an Assault Rifle, a category that has good handling and precision without impairing mobility, accompanied by a Submachine Gun, with high mobility and damage per second in exchange for accuracy. The result is a versatile combo that guarantees a certain advantage during matches.

Among the Assault Rifles, Groza, AKM and SCAR-L stand out, while Tommy Gun, UMP9 and Micro UZI shine among the submachine guns.

For the more cautious

Players with a slower and more thoughtful approach can benefit from this set. Focused on long-distance and emergency combat, for ambushes, this combo has high precision and moderate cadence, but little mobility.

A combination of Snipers and Assault Rifles is suggested for the first moments of the match, eliminating unsuspecting enemies, switching to a Submachine Gun in the last rounds – as they are better at close range.

In the Snipers category, the following stand out: AWM, M24 and Mini 14. An Assault Rifle that blends well with the class is the M16A4, thanks to its unique versatility.

Extra tip

Finally, it should be noted that pistols and other equipment found on the battlefield are of great value and can alter the course of certain disputes and therefore should not be underestimated – in any case, it is always better to be safe than sorry. .


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