PUBG: patch 9.2 arrives with new vehicles, game mode


The developer PUBG Corporation published, on its official website, the complete description of the 9.2 update for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, confirming that it is already on the air for PC players and that it will arrive on the 26th of November on the consoles. The patch adds new vehicles, a game mode, gameplay mechanics and various items, as well as some occasional bug fixes and other flaws.


In celebration of season 9, PUBG update 9.2 adds the Battle Bride Pass, focusing on the character Sadiya Qureshi, where players must survive, as well as the Survivor Pass, to 15 exclusive levels that bring countless rewards like skins and experience bonuses.

Two-wheel vehicles gain new variants and players will have access to Trail Motorcycles that reach 130km / h and can travel faster on different terrains and maps, except for the island of Karakin, where the new game mode is set. Qureshi.

Car battles are now much more intense with the addition of secondary weapons to vehicles, making it possible to fight pursuers and other rivals while participants drive different types of cars. In addition, the firearms system was rebalanced, with the damage multiplier, crosshairs and other functions being redone to balance the confrontations.

PUBG also won a number of bug fixes and mechanics, in addition to a redesigned and updated interface.

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