PUBG on Xbox One X is now playable at 60 fps


A few days ago, the improvements that PUBG would incorporate in Xbox Series X were confirmed, which includes the possibility of opting for a performance mode that makes the game work at 60 fps. But it was also confirmed that PUBG on Xbox One X would work in the same way at 60 fps, through an update that would arrive on October 29. And this update is now available, so you can start testing what the game is like with these improvements.

For both Xbox Series S and Xbox One S, the game will continue to run at a maximum of 30 frames per second for the time being. Although its developers have explained that they are working to raise that limit above 30, like the other consoles. In the case of PS4 Pro (we remember that there is cross-play with Sony consoles) the game will also work at 60 from today.

Since its launch, one of the biggest problems for PUBG on console has been maintaining a stable frame rate. The game so far has run at 30 fps, but even on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, it had a hard time keeping that rate stable even if we opted for the graphics option that prioritizes performance. We hope that from today these problems have been solved through this new update, which will make the experience of playing PUBG on Xbox One X, and on Xbox Series X from November 10, a more fluid and rewarding experience for the players.

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