PUBG on the App Store while Apple is banned from Fortnite


Apple is in the middle of a legal battle against Epic Games and decided to “nudge” the company: on Friday (28), the giant from Cupertino made a publication on the App Store highlighting the game PUBG Mobile, one of the main rivals to Fortnite.

The editorial published on the App Store website highlights an update that is coming to PUBG Mobile. The mobile version of the battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will reach version 1.0 on September 8 and will receive significant gameplay changes.

Although the update will only be available in 11 days, Apple thought it a good idea to release the news now. Epic Games recently sent emails to Fortnite users saying that the fourth season of content will not be available on iPhones and iPads, as the game cannot receive updates on Apple platforms.

Fight in the courts

Last week, Apple also sent a letter to Epic Games saying it would terminate the company’s App Store accounts. The Apple gave a deadline for the owner of Fortnite to respect the rules of the store and not be banned: today, August 28.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple and possibly will not be disconnected from the App Store, at least not entirely. According to MacRumors, the judge responsible for the case said that the owner of Fortnite set the situation and Apple has the right to ban the company from its system.

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However, the removal of Epic Games from iOS and macOS would also affect the Unreal Engine, a popular graphics engine that is used by app developers. With that, the court ruled that Apple may even block Fortnite, but it must ensure that content creators have access to the game creation tool on iOS and macOS.


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