PUBG offers Lunar New Year Event update


Anyone who is a fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground knows that Battle Royale is always presenting excellent themed events throughout the year. This time, PUBG is welcoming the Lunar New Year event, which will run until February 22.

During this period, players will be able to collect points obtained by accessing the game every day and by completing various missions. With these points, it will be possible to make exchanges for thematic items. If you want to participate, you can access the event’s promotional website and link your global account to receive the rewards.

But it is worth saying that Lunar New Year is not the only novelty that the game has for its players. The event is accompanied by the 10.3 update for the PC and console versions, which brings several improvements to the game. This includes improvements to the Karakin map, sound selection system for some weapons, automatic expulsion of players absent from Training Mode and changes to the store. The details of the changes are as follows:

Weapon sound selection system: Within the settings menu, in the audio tab, it is possible to define the sound of the shots of the M249, M416, Kar98k and SKS guns, choosing between the original and remastered versions.
Improved karakin: The update brought a restructuring of the general lighting of the map and bug fixes to improve the player experience.
Expulsion of players absent in Training Mode: Players absent in Training Mode will receive a notice of inactivity and, after ten seconds, will be expelled from the room. Those who are absent from Training Mode after registering for a ranked match will be removed from the training session, but will remain in the Ranked Mode queue.
Synchronize emotes: It is now possible to synchronize your emotes with those of players within 15 meters of your character or in the main menu lobby. Regardless of the person who started the emote, you can cancel the action at any time.
Reformulation of the store: The messages when purchasing G-coins were changed to ensure greater understanding of the players in relation to the values ​​of their purchases. Bonuses received on purchases are shown separately, in contrast to the previous model that added up to the value of the purchased product. A coin filter was also implemented and the possibility to organize items by BP or G-coins.
Performance improvements: The update improves the game’s performance on computers with few cores and also on the CPU, by simultaneously performing the processing of calculations for character animations and vehicle physics. In addition, it optimizes the memory of the character models and reduces the consumption of memory and processing.
Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Comment what you think of these changes and if you are going to participate in the Lunar New Year event!


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