PUBG: New State vs. Free Fire Max: Which Is Better?


Survival genre, one of the most popular categories in the game world, had a very active 2021 year. PUBG: New State on the one hand, and Free Fire Max on the other, managed to outperform other competitors in the category. So how was the rivalry between these two games?

While the mobile game world is growing, the survival game genre continues to be among the indispensables for the players. The fact that there are dozens of games in this category is one of the clearest indicators of this. But there are some that are taking the survival genre by storm. Now we will talk to you about what this category is going through in 2021.

PUBG Mobile, one of the stars of the survival game genre, made more than $ 7 billion in revenue in November 2021, with two more hit Battle Royale games released at the end of the same year. On September 28, 2021, Free Fire Max, the new version of the shooter called Free Fire, was released as an open beta, and on November 11, 2021, Krafton released the new battle royale mobile game PUBG: New State. The two games, which attracted great attention with their release, managed to be the first in the number of downloads separately in October and November 2021. Leading advertising and market research firm SocialPeta analyzed these two games in terms of downloads and revenue, ad strategy and popular ads. Let’s look at the details of the report together.

What kind of competition is there between Free Fire Max and PUBG: New State?

How is the download and income status of the games?

New State has excellent download numbers, while Free Fire has one level more revenue:

If we examine the downloads, although Garena Free Fire Max (GFFM) was released in September 2021, the number of downloads of both games exceeded 50 million as of December 2021. We see that the older but well-established PUBG: New State (PNS) is better supported.

GFFM reached 50.5 million total downloads in 2021, with 12.1 million downloads on the App Store and 38.4 million downloads on Google Play. The game achieved its highest daily download with 5.6 million downloads on its third day. It had its highest weekly download in its first week, with 12.2 million downloads between 12 and 18 October 2021. One month after its release, the number of downloads stabilized and reached around 240 thousand per day.

PNS reached 70.5 million total downloads in 2021, with 10.9 million (15.5%) downloads on the App Store and 59.6 million (84.5%) downloads on Google Play. The game has seen 3 million downloads every day on Google Play in the first week since its release. After December 1, 2021, the number of downloads increased excessively, reaching 9 million daily.

If we look at the revenue of the two games, in 2021, GFFM generated $37.2 million and PNS $6.4 million.

GFFM earned $18 million in App Store, $19.2 million in Google Play, its daily revenue peaked at $450k on September 30, 2021 on the App Store, and 520k in Google Play at the end of October 2021. seen in dollars.

PNS earned $2 million in App Store, $4.4 million in Google Play, its daily revenue peaked at $100k on December 7, 2021 on the App Store, and reached the highest level on December 1, 2021 on Google Play. It was seen with 600 thousand dollars.

If we compare the revenues of the two games in the 7 weeks since their release, it is seen that GFFM generated $19.9 million in revenue between September 28 and November 15, 2021, while PNS generated $6.4 million in revenue between November 13 and December 27, 2021. Although PNS earned less revenue in this process, seeing 70 million downloads in less than 2 months as a newly released game shows that it has great potential in terms of revenue and will have a better performance in 2022.

How were the advertising strategies of the games?

Free Fire focused on Asia, New State focused on Europe and America:

Both games started to advertise in order to attract the attention of the players before their debut. According to SocialPeta, GFFM’s ads go back to January 2017, with 1025 single ads in 2021. PNS similarly started advertising 10 months before its debut. According to SocialPeta, there are 5071 unique ads in 2021.

GFFM placed an average of 32 ads per day on iOS and 46 ads per day on Android. At the time of its release, the number of ads reached the highest level with a total of 391 ads on both platforms, and 56% of these ads were video ads.

The game was generally advertised in Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Pakistani portion comprised 31.57% of all advertisements.