PUBG: New State To Be Released Worldwide In November


PUBG fans have good reason to be excited! After all, KRAFTON Inc. has just announced that PUBG: New State will be launched on November 11th in over 200 countries, including Brazil, with free versions for Android and iOS!

In a presentation led by CH Kim, CEO of KRAFTON, the more than 50 million players who have already pre-registered to start playing as soon as possible were celebrated, and the first details about their gameplay were announced.

The development is in charge of the PUBG Studio itself, mainly responsible for the origin of the battle royale fever, so there should be good things to come! With support for 17 languages, PUBG: New State will bring cutting-edge rendering technologies and the desire to recreate a gameplay and shooting system with a quality equivalent to what we have on PC today.

When the game hits mobile phones, it will have four different maps to venture into, which include Erange’s scenarios and the futuristic Troi. You’ll also be able to access a drone shop and deeply customize your weapons to make the loadout look just like you.

The idea is that this is the most beautiful mobile title ever made, but also the fairest. There was no lack of investment in anti-cheat tools, something that was highlighted by Sangwan Kim, head of the anti-cheating unit. From emulators to keyboards and mice, any player who tries to use external methods to circumvent fair play will be banned.

The developer also guaranteed that we can expect frequent updates and more and more improvements as the content seasons progress. But what about you, what did you think of these ads? Looking forward to PUBG: New State? Comment below!


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