PUBG: New State Already Surpasses 45 Million Downloads


PUBG: New State received its first major post-release content update this week, almost at the same time the game reached the incredible 45 million downloads worldwide.

The information comes from Krafton, who takes care of this new version of Battle Royale that popularized the genre. The company does not go into details about the game’s popularity, nor whether the number was expected or exceeded expectations. Instead, the producer focuses on what’s coming with New State’s first major update.

The update includes new vehicles and weapons, as you’d expect. It also brings more options for customizing the weapons, a mechanic in which New State invests a lot.

Another cool feature of the update is a “merit points” system. The idea is to encourage positive behavior, deducting merit points from players who take inappropriate attitudes in the game or mess up the game. If the points drop below a certain level, these players will be banned from team matches until their merit points improve again.

But of course the part of the PUBG: New State update that Krafton is promoting the most is Survivor Pass Vol. 2, which features some “story” missions to release customizations for the Bella character. Players have the option to purchase a Premium Pass in this case, to unlock more items faster, as always in “freemium” model games.