PUBG Mobile: update 1.2 brings runes with special powers


PUBG Mobile, version for Android and iOS of the popular game battle royale, won the update 1.2 this Tuesday (12). The update adds runes with special powers to the game, as well as a new version of one of the most used weapons in the game: the FAMAS assault rifle.

In the rune-themed mode, players can choose one of three energy runes. When summoned, the rune improves some of the character’s attributes. Ideal to be consumed during combat to gain a strategic advantage in battle.

The skill runes added to the game are:

Fire Rune

Summons a circle of fire that advances slowly, inflicting damage on nearby opponents. The enhancement ability provides a burning effect for ammunition over a short period of time.

Ice Rune

In addition to the enhancement ability that adds the freeze effect to the ammo, reducing opponents’ healing effectiveness, the player can summon a 3×3 cell ice wall for protection during combat.

Wind Rune

Summons a semi-transparent wind shield that reduces damage from bullets. Its enhancement ability increases the player’s movement speed and reduces his ammo recharge time over a short period of time.


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