PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8 update details


PUBG Mobile is the world’s most popular mobile game. Naturally, it gets too many updates and unfortunately not every phone can handle it. PUBG Mobile Lite, which comes to give PUBG Mobile experience on phones with low / mid segment or low RAM capacity, is as popular as the main game. The game, which started the new season as of September 30, is expected to have its new update today. What will PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8 update bring us?

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8 update

With the end of the old season, the new season begins and this 8th Season will last three months in total. With the update, new level rewards for players will be added. New stages for all players will be reset based on their current rank in the game, and they will be able to collect stage rewards.

List of rewards that can be collected at the end of PUBG Mobile Season 7:

Bronze V to Bronze I: Bronze Case

Silver V to Silver I: Silver Crate

Gold V to Gold I: Golden Chest

Platinum V to Platinum I: Platinum Crate

Diamond V to Diamond I: Diamond Crate

Crown V to Crown I: Crown Crate

Leaks about the new season of the game before the game’s new update was released:




It is worth noting that the images in question are caused by leaks. Rewards are not yet available for other details, but we’ll update them when Season 8 is officially released.


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