PUBG Mobile is renewed with Metro Royale mode


A new update has been released for PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, bringing the gameplay mode called Metro Royale. The core of this mod is the video game Metro Exodus, set in post-disaster Russia and based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s best-selling novel series. New content, maps and challenges are also offered to players within the framework of this cooperation.

PUBG Mobile’s new Metro Royale mode; Two different maps based on the classic Erangel map offer areas to explore, including forgotten ruins, cliffs, a bandit camp and other unique sights. In addition, the new wagon vehicle and unique combat mechanisms, located in an area completely hidden underground, also appear for the players.

However, Metro Royale mode; It also offers equipment that gives strategic tactical advantage against rival players such as Thermal Vision, Night Vision Binoculars and Goggles. Also available in this mode are bomb attachments for weapons, heavy armor, and the uniquely silent air rifle Tikhar used in the Metro series.

In addition to new items and map locations, brand new challenges are added to the game with the content update, offering valuable rewards to players. By defeating rogue enemies added to the Metro Royale battle, additional items and equipment can be obtained. The mysterious mutants in the Metro series also confront players, offering much more challenging but also valuable prizes. In the Metro Royale mode, players must take up arms and enter the battlefield, defeat enemies to find more items, and escape by buying better items.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Metro Royale mode

  • The black market? In this special Metro Royale shop, players can buy supplies and new equipment here, as well as sell what they brought from Metro Royale for Metro Money. On the Black Market, weapons, mines and more exclusive to Metro Royale are available in various quality levels
  • Ammunition Inventory? Players can take the equipment set as ammunition into battle. However, items collected in Metro Royale can be stored in the locked box and remain accessible after the match.
  • Command Center? In the Command Center, players can check the Eligibility levels of characters, read their stories and give them gifts to increase Eligibility. Thanks to High Eligibility, players have the chance to get valuable resources from characters in the game.
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PUBG Mobile also offers subway-themed content in classic mode

Apart from the Metro Royale mode, Metro-themed content is waiting for players in Classic Mode. Underground Metro stations, Metro monsters and a Radiation Zone in the classic Erangel map have also been added to the game. Also, Dawn, which is being repaired, will be visible in the Gathering Area. In addition to these, two of the four metro lines will randomly appear in Erangel each time, and players will be able to reach their desired location quickly using these lines.

In addition to all these innovations in the classic mode, there are also new features such as throwable melee weapons and the Barbed Trap. In addition to melee, players can throw and damage melee weapons at each other from 40 meters away. Players who do not have a helmet can fall to the ground due to hitting weapons, and weapons that are thrown can be retrieved and used more than once. The Barbed Trap is a one-time item that appears on the ground in Classic Mode and serves to puncture the tires of a vehicle.

The new update also brings a new space-saving loading feature for gamers using Android devices. PUBG Mobile now offers the same gaming experience, with 70 percent less file size. It is enough to download a 610 MB file to play the game, while other game contents can be downloaded later. This new space-saving loading feature also allows players to customize their own games and add and remove episodes according to their preferences. Based on resource management technology, the system also provides cleaning recommendations and the most appropriate downloadable updates. In addition, with 10 percent less delay in a match, the overall performance has also been improved, offering a smoother gameplay to the players.

The PUBG Mobile update, which also includes the Metro Royale mode, can be downloaded on iOS and Android.


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