PUBG Mobile has new features


PUBG Mobile has been updated with new features. With PUBG Mobile x Metro, players are offered many different new modes. Here are the innovations.

PUBG Mobile, which mobile players love to play, continues to offer innovations with updates. Tencent Games released a new update today in cooperation with the Metro game. With the new update available for download for iOS and Android, the gloomy and post-apocalyptic theme of Metro is added to the game.

It is not among the innovations that came with version 1.1.0. New atmosphere, new equipment, new challenges and the new Battle Royale system are added to the game with the update. You can download this update, which adds a new flair to PUBG, on the App Store and Play Store.

It is not yet known how Tencent Games will introduce further innovations to PUBG in the coming period. PUBG, which is unrivaled after Fortnite’s own fault on the iOS front, seems to take advantage of this advantage very well.

What’s new with PUBG Mobile x Metro


1) New Atmosphere

1. Ruins, moats, bandit camp and other new locations are waiting to be explored, located on two unique maps based on Erangel.

2. Explore a new underground world with brand new and unique combat mechanics and subway. The rewards are dazzling, but don’t underestimate the dangers. Watch out for enemies hiding in secluded corners.

2) New Equipment

1. Under-rifle grenade launchers can be added to weapons, you can blow up your enemies with your gun.

2. You can use the brand new Thermal Sight to locate lurking enemies.

3. Thanks to the Night Vision equipment, you can take advantage even in total darkness.

4. New and cool Heavy Armor will give you stronger protection.

5. Thanks to the many armor attachments, you will be able to customize your armor skills in the best way.

6. Try the silent air rifle Tikhar Rifle used in the Metro series.

3) New Challenges

1. Crafty bandits will appear on the map as enemies. Attack them, loot their supplies, but watch out for elite warriors among them.

The special monsters of the 2. Metro series are waiting for the players in the secluded corners.

4) New Goals

Arm yourself with your weapons and enter the battlefield, defeat your enemies and search for supplies, collect loot, upgrade your equipment and earn wealth.

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Enter the Metro Royale lobby by tapping the subway tunnel entrance in the lobby, where a complete helper system about features such as the black market, ammo inventory, missions, abilities and rankings awaits.

1) Black market

1. The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop. Before starting a match, players can buy materials and new equipment here, as well as earn Metro Money by selling materials they bring from Metro Royale.

2. The materials available on the Black Market are different from the Classic Mode materials and have different quality levels. There are also exclusive Metro Royale weapons, mines and other new items.

2) Ammunition Inventory

1. Equipment set as ammunition can be taken to battle. Once victoriously returns from the battlefield, the items are added back to the ammo.

2. Items can be stored in the Inventory. Items kept in the inventory cannot be taken to the battlefield and cannot be lost when defeated.

3. Items you carry in your Backpack can be taken to the match, don’t forget to buy enough ammo.

4. Items you keep in the safe are added to the Ammunition, whether you win or lose the match.

3) Command Center

1. In Command Center, you can check the Eligibility levels of game characters, read their stories and give them gifts to increase Eligibility.

2. When you increase a character’s Eligibility level, they can give you many resources that can help you survive in the world of Metro Royale!

Classic Erangel Subway Theme Game (coming soon)
1. Underground Metro stations, Metro monsters and Radioactive Zones will appear on the classic Erangel map.

2. 4 metro lines will be built in Erangel and 2 of them will appear randomly each time. Players can move quickly using metro stations.

Winter Festival Themed Game (coming soon)

1. Erangel fell under the influence of a cold wave and pieces of ice appeared on the sea surface. Follow the floating ice to find the randomly spawning Winter Castle Paradise, have fun snowball fights with your friends, and snowboard the way you like!

2. Visit the Winter Festival hut and gift pine tree that emerged next to the city, and enjoy the celebrations with your teammates!


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