PUBG Mobile Artillery Mode 2.0 brings new features.


The Heavy Gun 2.0 update for PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, meets the players. This new version of the Heavy Gun mode, one of the favorites of PUBG Mobile players, promises to take the action to the top. Players will be “Ready to Fire” by trying new enhancements in the popular game type such as armored vehicles, Super Weapon Case and more.

In PUBG Mobile, players were introduced to the Heavy Gun mode last year. This mod brought players a kind of features and experience they had not seen before. In the introduced new Heavy Gun 2.0 mode, players will be able to gain strategic advantage by using powerful vehicles and huge firepower.

The features promised to players in the renewed mode are as follows:

  • Armored Weapons? Classic vehicles of PUBG Mobile, such as UAZ, Dacia, off-road buggy and pickup trucks, are reinforced with protective armor. However, players will be able to navigate the sky with the new Armored Helicopter.
  • Superpowered Weapons? New laser-guided missile and quad-barreled rocket launcher have been added to Super Weapon Cases for players to deal additional damage to their enemies
  • Special Tactical Equipment? The 30-second UAV Control Terminal was equipped with 8 missiles while showing the enemy locations. However, Portable Radar also provides information about enemy vehicles.
  • Bomb Suit? This new and collectible suit provides a significant reduction in all blast damage
  • Secret Chamber and Base? The Secret Chamber is randomly refreshed during battle and contains super weapons. Base becomes active at the beginning of each match, from where players can buy heavy weapons and powerful equipment. At the same time, thanks to the Advanced Communication Tower, players can revive teammates who died to stay in battle.
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PUBG Mobile Artillery 2.0 update meets players via App Store and Google Play.


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