PUBG Mobile Announces Under DDoS Attack


The PUBG Mobile team announced that they are currently under DDoS attacks in their post on their social media accounts. Due to attacks, players may occasionally fail to connect to the server or disconnect from the server they are connected to.

PUBG Mobile, one of the most played mobile games of today, is going through troubled moments today. PUBG Mobile team announced that they encountered several Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in their post on their social media accounts. The attacks also affected some players playing the game.

Explaining the error, the PUBG Mobile team reported that they started working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In addition, the team announced that a new anti-cheat update will be added to the game soon. Until this update was released, several of the team members on the security team were directed to stop fighting cheaters and cheats.

Players are disconnected:

Making a statement on Twitter, Discord and Facebook, the PUBG Mobile team said that the DDoS attacks encountered could cause some players to disconnect from the game. The team has not shared any improvement that DDoS attacks can be stopped for now.

Within the scope of DDoS attack, malicious individuals aim to disrupt the traffic flow of the target server, network or service by focusing on a single target from many different sources. During attacks, requests that are well above capacity are sent to the target server, which may even result in a server crash.

Players affected by the attack and disconnected from the server started asking the PUBG team whether their lost points could be recovered. The PUBG team has not yet answered questions from the players in this direction. The team will definitely inform as soon as the problem is resolved.

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