PUBG Mobile and more than 100 Chinese apps banned


The government of India announced today (2) the banning of more than 100 apps based in China or linked to the country. One of the highlights on the list released by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is the mobile version of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, popularly known as PUBG Mobile.

The justification alleged by the authorities, for the ban of the game that belongs to the Chinese company Tencent and the other software, is the supposed involvement of such applications in “activities detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India”, according to the explanations released by the agency.

In the document, the Ministry claims to have received many complaints from citizens concerned with privacy, as their data would be being monitored without authorization and transmitted to servers located outside the country. The action taken by the authorities aims to “safeguard the interests of millions of Indian users”.

Interestingly, the statement does not directly cite China as responsible for the alleged data theft. But according to The Verge, the ban is related to increased tensions between the two countries, due to an intense dispute over the Himalayan border.

Other banned apps

The list released by the government has a total of 118 Chinese apps banned from India. In addition to PUBG Mobile, which has millions of players in the country, it also includes other services with many users in the region.

Among them are search engine Baidu and mobile payment platform Alipay, which belongs to the same group as online commerce giant AliExpress. Browsers, players, editors and camera apps are also part of the prohibited programs.

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On the list, there are also two VPN services that allow the use of TikTok – the famous video service had already been banned from India in June, along with WeChat and dozens of other software, for similar problems.


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