PUBG Lite will end its activities at the end of April


In addition to having a slightly salty price, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has also always been heavier than its competitors. This was something that PUBG Lite aimed to solve, both because it is much lighter and also because it is a totally free-to-play game. Unfortunately, PUBG Corp announced this week that it will be ending the title’s activities soon.

It is no longer possible to download the game officially, for example, but whoever has it installed on the PC will still be able to play it for an extra time. According to the developer, it will be possible to enjoy the game and spend the credits acquired on it until April 29 this year.

For those who need it, support for players should remain active for exactly another month until it ends definitively on May 29th. According to PUBG Corp, this was a very difficult decision and it was only taken after a lot of deliberation on the part of the team.

The developers also apologized to PUBG Lite fans and thanked them for their support since the game’s release in 2019. It remains to be seen whether there will be a free replacement to fill this gap, but it’s not a big secret that PUBG Corp is working on it. in two new additions to the franchise.

One of them has already been revealed as PUBG New State, which will be a sequel to the mobile version of Battle Royale. The second project is still a mystery, but many fans suspect it would be the sequel to the main game on the PC. The way is to wait for the news to come in the coming months.

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And do you think that the possible new PC PUBG will be totally free-to-play and less demanding than the original? Comment below if you still play Battle Royale games frequently!


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