PUBG celebrates 3 years with free skins created by the community


The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game turns 3 in 2020. In a celebratory mood, players will receive a skin kit for free.

Since the launch of the early access version in March 2017, PUBG has conquered the community with its strategic pace, unprecedented battle royale systems and constant support from developers. In exchange for the dedication of the fans, the winners of the Global Community Visual Contest will have their skins made available to all players.

The gifts include a pink sweatshirt created by @KARAAGEKUN_KEI (Japan), a skin for the M416 made by @DY_BUDDY (Canada) and a new parachute option, designed by @ SEB34627111 (United Arab Emirates).

Season 6 full of news
PUBG is currently in Season 6. This season’s update introduced a new frantic action map with underground combat, new explosives and structure-destruction mechanics. Named Karakin, the new space gave even more dynamism and insecurity to campers and fans of urban combat. The entire Demolition Zone was designed to be brought to the ground with shots and explosives, so players in the region need to be aware of where they stand and warn of explosives launched by opponents.

Along with this system, PUBG launched Invasion Points: fragile walls and hatches that allow the creation of routes for escape or invasion of buildings and structures, opening up new possibilities for attacks or rotations to catch enemies by surprise.

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