PUBG breaks with Tencent in India and tries to reverse ban


The Indian government recently banned 118 Chinese apps on the grounds of protecting national security – including PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground), which had 175 million downloads there, roughly a quarter of its global audience. Trying to reverse the situation, PUBG Corporation decided to break with Tencent and take over operations in the country.

According to the Chinese distributor, the separation will not affect partnerships with the producer in other markets. Still, it is not known whether the move will be sufficient, as the authorities’ decision was “based on reliable information” that those added to the list were acting against local interests.

“Various sources indicate the misuse of some mobile applications available on Android and iOS platforms for theft and clandestine transmission of user data in an unauthorized manner to servers outside India,” says the Indian Minister of Information Technology, according to the BBC News.

“The compilation of this data, its mining and the creation of profiles by elements hostile to national security and the defense of India, which affect the sovereignty and integrity of the country, arouse a deep and immediate concern, which demands emergency measures”, he adds. .

High tension

It is not only in the virtual world that spirits are heated. India and China sent troops to the Ladakh region in June, along a disputed Himalayan border, and clashes left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Donald Trump’s clashes with the Chinese government are also of no benefit to Tencent, as Activision, following orders from the United States president to restrict transactions by US companies with the Asian company and its subsidiaries, decided to sever ties. with the distributor – which ends up eliminating big names from an extensive catalog, such as Call of Duty Mobile.

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