PUBG Announces It Will Give A Small Gift To Each Console Player


One of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, as it is known, came across the players with a great surprise. From now on, a small gift will be given to each console player who has entered the game until April 28.

Many games these days offer opportunities to make their players happy because of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, PUBG Corporation’s record-breaking Battle Royale production PUBG has joined them.

The phenomenon game, which has released a written statement from its official website, has announced that from now on, every console player who has entered the game by April 28, 59 will be given a small gift for their support. Players entering the game by this date will be able to receive 20 Level Jump Coupon gifts from the inventory section.

From now on, every console player entering the game until April 28 will receive a small gift
PUBG says players can level up faster with this coupon and use it as an aid to unlock prizes. To activate your leveling item, you can use this item by selecting Customize> Tool> Vs from the lobby menu.

On the other hand, PUBG states that the 20 Level Jump Coupon will not be available until Season 7 begins, as Survivor Pass 6 ends on April 24, 12:00. Stating that those who are close to the 100th level will be able to evaluate the 20 Level Jumping Coupon for an early and fast start to the next season, the game says that players are waiting for brand new content in Season 7.

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20 Level Up Coupons will not be available until Season 7 begins
“While the new content is enjoyable, we know that we cannot fully meet your expectations when it comes to stability. Meeting the expectations and making it more balanced continues to be our primary focus, ”said PUBG.


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