PUBG Announces New Measures for Cheaters: No Passage to Cheats in 2020


PUBG, one of the first to come to mind when it comes to the Battle Royale game type, has been experiencing headaches due to cheating users for a while. The developer team of the game has announced new and effective measures to be taken against tricks that upset the nerves.

Game developers, who strive to integrate the latest technologies into their games and thus aim to maximize both the gaming experience and the player experience, make a great effort to win the industry.

Despite the efforts of game developers, some malicious people use cheat in games to reduce the morale of other players and cause the developers of the game to spend extra hours to prevent cheating. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), one of the masters of the Battle Royale game genre, is working on a brand new system that will leave the enthusiasts of the tricks in their crops.

PUBG is stable; Farewell to the trick in 2020
Although the number of PUBG, which is one of the most played Battle Royale games in the world, is still high, PUBG players are tired of cheating in the game. Players who could not stand the tricks gradually started to leave the game. However, the developer team of the game announced how to fight tricks in their latest blog post.

PUBG developers, who said that they will find a solution to the trick and increase the performance to a real level in 2020, stated that they experienced slowness in their work due to the coronavirus, which became a pandemic by spreading all over the world.

How to prevent cheating in PUBG?
The developer team points out that it will fight tricks level by level. While preventive measures will be developed against cheating and hacking attempts first, security measures will not be limited to these and two-factor verification feature will be presented in PUBG.

The PUBG developer team, which will detect weak spots in the codes of weapons, vehicles and characters, will make it very difficult for people who try to cheat by fixing these weaknesses and intervene in the game. Malicious people who want to try other methods in this direction will be easily noticed by the game’s anti-cheat software.

PUBG, which has removed millions of users from the game since they cheated, will make improvements in this system and will enable users to cheat automatically from the game.


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