Psychological terror gets trailer and screenshots


The publisher Modus Games, of the Remothered franchise, released a trailer for the story of his recently announced psychological terror In Sound Mind. Developed by the studio We Create Stuff, the game also gained new screenshots featuring some of the macabre environments that will be present in the title. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer shows Desmond, a psychologist who works to understand the frightening events he is witnessing in the once peaceful town of Milton Haven. The protagonist’s search for answers leads him to revisit the archived sessions of his deceased patients, but these tapes present their own vivid and surreal mysteries.

In Sound Mind will be a psychological horror experience similar to chase and exploration games like Remothered, but with new combat mechanics that bring you closer to an FPS. Amid disturbing memories, players will be taken to face the nightmares of various characters, through engaging gameplay with puzzles, stealth and courage.

Modus Games released new images of the title, showing environments similar to those of Alan Wake and Call of Cthulhu, containing remote locations, a lot of fog and darkness and an atmosphere of loneliness and imminent danger.


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