PSY and V capture their meeting in a photo


The good relationship between PSY and V was demonstrated thanks to the photo of both that was published recently, but the rumors about a collaboration began after this post.

It is well known that Taehyung is a huge fan of singer PSY, but a new photo encouraged fans to look forward to great projects as a result of the coming together of the talents of these South Korean music stars.

Recently, PSY updated his Instagram account with two photos showing him alongside Taehyung. The BTS vocalist looks extremely happy and they both smile as V hugs the founder of P-Nation. What is this meeting about?

V has said that among all celebrities, PSY is one of the artists who inspired him to become an idol, so he considers him a role model, but the relationship between these artists has given way to friendship.

However, some fans of BTS and PSY think that this meeting could be the beginning of something bigger on a professional level and that it could surprise us in the not too distant future.


After founding his own company, PSY has recruited big stars who are well known within South Korean music, who have prepared music releases with great chart impact.

V’s meeting with the president of this company could lead to a collaboration between them, but this combination could also result in a song with one of the artists who work under this agency.

Previously, Jessi collaborated with KARD’s BM and a few days ago it was announced that Heize would be joining PSY’s company, so the possibilities for these stars are very diverse. Would you like V to collaborate with any of the P-Nation artists?


We also recently told you that V is preparing for the release of his mixtape, as a first look at one of this idol’s melodies as a solo artist was revealed.


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