PSVR 2: the shooter in the RV Pavlov Shack, the first game


Although we still don’t have a lot of details or official information about Sony’s next generation of Virtual Reality kits, developer Vankrupt Games, responsible for the game Pavlov Shack, has already confirmed that his project is on its way to PSVR 2!

In a series of posts on Twitter, the studio clarified that the old PlayStation glasses do not “have the necessary fidelity to run Pavlov” and that the new technologies “allow the player to make more natural movements with their hands during gameplay”.

Rumors about the PSVR 2 have been circulating on the internet with increasing force since the launch of the PS5, with the right to register patents that promise integration with haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers.

Apparently, Vankrupt Games should already have access to the development kit for Sony’s new technology, but apart from these recent tweets, there is still no official information on PS5 game support.

What is known is that Pavlov Shack will support crossplay with Oculus Quest and that the developers’ idea is to take a shooter in the best Counter Strike style for Virtual Reality. Are you looking forward to it? What do you expect from the new PSVR? Comment!


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