PSG: Thiago Silva’s wife drives fans crazy!


PSG player since 2012, Thiago Silva will have lived good years at PSG! Indeed, after eight years at the club, he is leaving!

He will still have been able to live with his club, a first final of the Champions League! Just that !

But rest assured, Thiago Silva is not stopping his career! Indeed, the player goes to Chelsea!

He is not the only one leaving for England… He is followed by Lionel Messi! Sad news for Barça fans!

However, the two days will not be at the same club. Messi goes to Manchester!


There is one who is delighted with her husband’s departure for Chelsea! Indeed, Thiago Silva’s wife did not hesitate to share her joy on the networks!

Indeed, the latter said on Instagram: “Now that my heart is working for Chelsea, it becomes the best club in the world. We are going to win the Champions League next season. “What to delight the Chelsea supporters!

Yet what ignited the powder was the young woman’s TikTok! Indeed, she has filmed her children with a PSG jersey that they take off for their father’s new club!

A video that Parisian supporters did not like! Indeed, they wrote: “Thiago Silva would not condone that which is why he is not in this asshole video, you can be a big man and have a small family. “

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