PSG: Neymar hurt, Pierre Menes does not believe it!


This Sunday at 2 pm, Brazil faced Nigeria in Singapore. A match that makes a lot of reaction … supporters of Paris Saint-Germain.

And for good reason, Neymar gave way to Philippe Coutinho in the quarter of an hour because of a thigh pain. Of course, this worries a lot in the French capital, while the former striker FC Barcelona finally found its optimal form. But for Pierre Ménès, it is for the moment unnecessary to sound the alarm. On his Twitter account, the journalist of Canal Plus has indeed submitted the idea of ​​a wound of convenience on the part of Neymar …

“It smells of complacency because its presence at the start is contracted. But we will have to look at these friendly matches at the other end of the world. A week of vacation in Brazil? You’re not tired of your crappy valves. He will be in Paris tomorrow. Ronnie it’s not Neymar level privacy. Far from it and I know both, “said Pierre Ménès as some Twittos compared Neymar’s life style with Ronaldinho’s, implying that Neymar was simulating an injury to scrape a week’s vacation in Brazil. A wacky theory for “Pierrot”, who simply believes that Neymar wished to shorten his presence as quickly as possible on this delicate terrain to avoid a real injury …


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