PSG: Mbappé is too strong for the Paris club!


According to Louis Saha, Mbappé has a great future far from PSG. The young footballer would even be too strong for PSG!

What an honor! Louis Saha said all the good he thought of PSG player Kylian Mbappé. He admires him very much! So much so that he sees him go very far in his career!

Mbappé is very well seen in the world of football. But also by his colleagues … And more particularly by the former French international Louis Saha!

The player therefore expressed himself about him in an interview with our colleagues from Stats Perform.

Eh yes ! The former Manchester United striker between 2004 and 2008 is stunned by Mbappé’s development. While he was unknown a few years ago, the PSG player has now become a legend! What a beautiful course is not it!

Its popularity is such that all the clubs are tearing it up! Real Madrid is still just as interested in the profile of the PSG striker.


Louis Saha has no doubts! Kylian Mbappé has a great future ahead of him! He is already considered the most expensive player on the planet. He then declares:

“Mbappé is completely in control of his destiny. He’s already a guy who is very, very mature for his age, who knows what he wants. For me, he is an exceptional player who makes the biggest clubs dream and that is normal. ”

“He is the MVP in 9. I think that Paris, which is still in development, is therefore not at the level of a Real. Or a Barça with all the respect I have for PSG. As long as he is in Paris, there will therefore be rumors. Tell you today what is the best choice for his career, it is him and his feeling. ”

One thing is certain! PSG will therefore have to hang on to keep Mbappé beyond the summer transfer window of 2021.


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