PSafe Launches Rewards Program To Reward Those Who Discover Vulnerabilities In The System


PSafe, a cybersecurity company belonging to the CyberLabs group, announced this Tuesday (07) the launch of a rewards program aimed at users and technology experts focused on finding vulnerabilities in the company’s system.

According to Marco DeMello, executive director of the company, “no system is totally immune to cyber attacks [intrusions on servers] so we are launching this program, which includes researchers from all over the world, so that we can increase the number of people looking for vulnerabilities in our solution” , reiterating that the goal is to ensure “the highest levels of reliability and effectiveness against cyber attacks”, he concludes.

According to the company, any researcher registered on the Bugcrowd platform can participate in the PSafe program and help the developer to continue improving the security of their systems by correcting any gaps and vulnerabilities.

The value of the bonus varies according to the degree of importance of the discovered threat, starting at US$100 and reaching up to US$1,000. Participants should look for APIs and endpoint protection system issues for any data exfiltration or remote code execution.

Screen of the program on the Bugcrowd platform. (Photo: Playback/PSafe).

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