PSafe and CyberLabs merged and will focus on companies


Artificial intelligence company CyberLabs and digital security company Psafe announced a merger, the result of which is now called the CyberLabs Group. According to the newly formed brand, this is the largest group that combines AI and cybersecurity in all of Latin America.

Negotiations between Brazilian companies started in the second half of 2020 with the support of the investment fund Redpoint, which is part of the risk capital framework of both companies. The main objective of the union is to bring together the expertise of Psafe, which has threat analysis laboratories and protection software, with customers of Cyberlabs services, which includes users of KeyApp facial recognition access software and InSight Now, which analyzes images from environments monitored by cameras.

The Cyberlabs Group must invest in the B2B sector, that is, negotiations with other companies to offer protection services. Small and medium-sized brands are the main targets – scams, invasions and attacks grew during the pandemic and this extra layer of security should be the differential of the new venture.


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