PS5’s Size Was Larger When It Was First Designed


Sony’s manager responsible for the design of PlayStation 5 stated that the console, whose size was criticized greatly, was even larger when it was first designed, and then shrunk.

We all know that the PlayStation 5 is an extremely “big” game console. Even shared videos and comparative images show that the PlayStation 5 is the biggest game console ever introduced. But what if we told you that the first version of PlayStation 5 was even bigger than the version to be released?

PlayStation 5 design director Yujin Morisawa, who recently made a statement to the Washington Post, states that the console was even bigger in the first drafts created for the PlayStation 5, the engineers warned him about this and that he had to shrink the PlayStation 5 later. Yes, this shrunken version …

Speaking about the criticism of the PlayStation 5’s unique (!) Design, Morisawa states that they welcomed the reactions, although the design divided the players into two. As for the PlayStation 5 being likened to a modem or Sauron’s eye, Morisawa says it is a good sign that people liken the console to something ‘familiar’.

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