PS5’s mind-blowing price appeared on a site


Although the price of the PlayStation 5 is still not officially announced, the price of the next-generation console is listed on a retail site. If the price on the site is correct, the PS5 seems to leave behind tearful players.

Sony has announced the hardware features of the PS5 in the past few weeks, but we still can’t go beyond the forecast for the next generation console. Sony’s financial manager, Hiroki Totoki, told investors last month that the price of the PS5 has not yet been determined, which we believe is continuing as no official announcement has been received.

Although analysts have previously estimated between $ 450-500 for the price of the PS5, the price of the console may disappoint players, according to a new development. Because the PS5’s price is listed as 6,989 Danish kroner (about $ 1030) on the Danish retail site føtex.

The page lists the PS5 price as well as the date it will be sold, and this date is set for December 1, 2020. In previous statements by Sony, the holiday season corresponding to November-December was shown for the release date of PlayStation 5. Therefore, the date of December 1 is not a date without sources. However, the price is far above expectations.

Currently, the world is experiencing a sectoral and economic imbalance due to coronavirus, and the output of the PS5 may also be affected. Wishing to be minimally affected by the economic imbalance, Sony may increase the price of the PS5 or delay its launch.

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