PS5’s DualSense Controller Will Offer Long Battery Life


Sony has announced that the PS5’s new DualSense controller will have a long battery life. The tech giant wants to offer players a lighter controller despite its long battery life.

Sony officially unveiled PlayStation 5’s innovative feature controller DualSense last night. The console manufacturer has announced that the PS5’s new DualSense controller will offer users a “long” battery life.

Although Sony promises long battery life for DualSense, it avoided comparing the new controller with the DualShock 4 and did not give an estimated value. Nevertheless, considering that DualSense has resilient L2 and R2 triggers and many new features such as tactile feedback, an excessive increase in battery life is not expected.

Sony’s new controller to combine light design with long battery life
“We looked for ways to offer a long battery life and reduce the weight of the controller as much as possible with DualSense’s rechargeable battery. DualSense has been tested by gamers with various hand sizes to achieve the desired level of comfort with excellent ergonomics,” said the PlayStation Blog. statements took place.

Sony aims to make users feel as if there is no DualSense while playing games. With the new controller, the console maker wants players to step into the world of gaming as soon as they open the box. “We want players to feel like the controller’s own extension while playing games. They should even forget that they have it,” the company said. explains the form.

PS5’s new controller seems to allow gamers to play for a long time without getting tired. Although Sony has not gone into detail, it will provide more information about DualSense over time.


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