PS5: “Working hard” to replenish stock for Christmas


Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, says that despite the difficulties inherent in 2020, the launch of PS5 has been very successful.

Unless you have managed to reserve – something already complicated – it will be difficult to get hold of a PS5 in the coming weeks. The soaring demand for Sony’s new console has put the Japanese company’s distribution line to the test, which is “working really hard” to supply the world market before Christmas.

This has been assured by Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony IE, in an interview, in which he also apologizes for the inconvenience for those who have not been able – or can, since its launch in Europe has not yet occurred – to get a PS5. Of course, not without first adding that the health crisis due to Covid-19 has not made things easy precisely.

Objective: no one is left without a PS5

“In an ideal world we would have liked to have the worldwide launch on the same day,” says Ryan. “We just need a few extra days to get everything in order and be able to do a proper, professional PlayStation-style launch.”

“The most extraordinary thing of all is that it has all happened in 2020, and if I have learned one thing is not to do this again in the middle of a pandemic,” Ryan continues. “We are producing more PS5s in this complicated environment than PS4 at the time. If people are not able to get one at launch, I am very sorry. You can be sure that we are working really hard to provide a significant amount of stock sooner. and after Christmas.

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Despite these challenges the company has faced, Ryan believes that the PS5 launch is surely “Sony’s most extraordinary”. Unlike in the case of PS4, whose launch was simultaneous around the world, the PS5 has already occurred in regions such as Japan, North America, Oceania, South Korea … In short, to see its European launch it will be necessary wait until next Thursday the 19th.


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