PS5 without browser? In fact, there is a secret browser


Although the PS5 does not officially support a web browser, the Ars Technica portal has discovered a hidden way to access the tool. This, indirectly, brings back the functionality that already existed on both PS3 and PS4.

The portal found that there is access to the browser through the option of linking the PS5 to other services, such as Twitter. When selecting this option, users are taken to a page to login.

However, players can click on the network icon in the upper left corner to access the Twitter home page and thus have access to the URL bar – it is not possible to access any other address on the bar, but the browser works even with a USB keyboard connected to the console.

Functionality has been dropped by Sony

It is not known if this was an intentional method of accessing the internet or if it was an unnoticed flaw that will be removed in the future. But it is worth noting that Sony previously stated that the PS5 would not support the functionality, basically because it questioned its usefulness.

Hideaki Nishino, vice president of planning for PlayStation, stated in an interview that “we do not intend to install a browser on the PS5. Of course, I use it as a component to use various network functions, but I am unsure whether a web browser is necessary for game consoles as an application “.

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