PS5 with a PS2-inspired look will be marketed by store


When announced last year, many people wondered if white was the PS5’s standard color – and, in fact, Sony ended up standardizing the color. Thinking about it, an American company decided to do something different and will produce the new console housing with retro design of the iconic PS2.

The exclusive design was developed by SUP3R5 and has a very limited stock of just 304 PS5 units and 500 DualSense units. The products will be commercialized from this Friday (08) for US $ 649 in the digital version, US $ 749 in the version with disc player and US $ 99 for the control. Check out the device customization images:

SUP3R5 notes that the customization process requires the disassembly of the DualSense control, which will consequently compromise the warranty given by Sony. The console, on the other hand, will not be disassembled, since only the side panels will be removed for customization.

Success on Reddit

The endeavor only went ahead after whattheefth user published the design on Reddit on December 19th. After the success of the publication and the interest on the part of the public, he decided that he will commercialize the customized model of the device in limited quantities.

It is not the first time that any company has decided to invest in the customization of Sony’s console. Caviar, a Russian company famous for producing luxury electronics, will produce a PS5 with no less than 20 kg of gold – and will cost the trifle of $ 900,000.

While some squander exclusive PS5 designs, we mere mortals still suffer from the console’s scarcity in online retail stores. Have you managed to secure yours? Tell us in the comments section below!


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