PS5: Will PlayStation with “water cooling” be available?

New for the PlayStation! Indeed, the Sony PS5 is entitled to a version with its own “watercooling” cooling system.

The PS5 has been around the world for almost 5 months. In short, things do not seem to be changing on this subject. Thus, a new PlayStation may emerge. A console which will then have its own water-cooling system. A version which could therefore soon see the light of day.

So the PS5 continues to panic everyone, right? Especially since the PlayStation 5e of the name has seen its stock drain like never before, to the chagrin of gamers.

Faced with this, the giant Sony is struggling to replenish its stock because of a missing component. Finally, it’s a safe bet that the giant has not said its last word.

He might even concoct a new console to boost his sales. Although the stock of this one can quickly run out too … Let’s wait and see.

If one struggles to get hold of one of these PlayStation, there is the possibility that a new one will already hit the market. It would also be a PS5 with a special feature.

Thus, the latter could very well integrate a cooling system. The “watercooling” would therefore make it possible to silence the rumors which evoke an overheating of the console.

PS5: the PlayStation with the “watercooling” system soon on sale?


Since the arrival of the Xbox Series X and its rival the PS5, the two next-gen consoles have been on everyone’s lips. In fact, we have been told from the start about overheating problems.

Overheating generated by the greedy components of said consoles. To remedy this, Sony could therefore rectify the situation.

Another selling point for us to buy one of the consoles: water-cooling. So a way to freshen up the machine.

While waiting for Sony to work harder, modders have already decided to offer you your PS5 with cooling system. A system that therefore works with water, as its name suggests.

Modding Café has therefore designed a console to which is added a cooling system. This is a water fan that can be found on gaming PCs in particular.

A system recreated for the Sony console, which gives it a breath of fresh air. Yes, the design is also changing, to make way for these cooling gutters.

Finally, for now, this is just a concept that is not yet functional. Although it is hoped that Modding Café will develop it for sale before Sony deals with it.

However, this is not the first version of the console to feature such a system. But the concept still looks mind-blowing judging from the presentation video. See for yourself:



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