PS5 will not be compatible with external SSD drive launch


Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Will Not Support External SSD Drive On Launch Day; a next update will be required.

PS5 will not be compatible with the external SSD storage unit at the time of its launch scheduled for November 12 in markets such as the United States or Australia, among others, and on the 19th of the same month in Europe and the rest of the world. . This was announced by Sony through The Verge medium, confirming that users will have to wait for a next update of the console to be fully compatible with these external storage units.

Console will soon be supported

“This is reserved for a future update,” they admit from Sony about the compatibility of external SSD drives on the launch day of the console. And it is that since the presentation of the hardware and the capabilities of PlayStation 5 at the hands of its main engineer, Mark Cerny, it was already ensured that SSD technology would be of vital importance for the new generation, which led Sony to present expansion units , also SSD, to achieve more GB of extra storage.

However, for now these expansion units will not be able to be used and it will be necessary to wait for a future firmware update, which should not take long to be enabled, so that PS5 players can take advantage of the rear port of the console destined to expand the SSD storage memory.

And it is that we remember that PS5 will have an internal storage capacity of 825 GB, of which we must subtract what the operating system of the console occupies. This, coupled with a growing weight of games, can be a setback for those who wanted to install many titles from day one and had an extra SSD among their first purchases.

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External SSD drives compatible with PS5 were recently introduced, with a price of almost 270 euros for 1 TB of extra memory.


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