PS5: Will the DualShock 5 have a removable battery?


PS5: Will the DualShock 5 have a removable battery? According to our Video Game colleagues, the DualShock 5 of the PS5 could have a removable battery. More details in this article.

Information about the PS5 remains very poor at present. However, our colleagues from Video Games have just unveiled a possible patent presenting the DualShock 5 controller . It would also have a removable battery.

PS5 fans have recently learned that the controller could detect a player’s sweat, but also their heart rate. It was then the only info about the console controller from Sony . However, as we let you know, a new patent would have appeared on the Web, about the DualShock 5 .

Fans will no doubt be delighted. Indeed, very little information circulates to date about the future technological jewel of Sony . Even if that remains perhaps wanted, the “Players” would like to know much more about their future console anyway.

This is why, a new info, even about the controller of the PS5 , is good to take. Players therefore learn that the DualShock 5 could have a removable battery . Well, that may not be really good news.

Indeed, if this patent turns out to be true, this would mean that the PS5 controller would not hold the battery at all. Her eldest did not hold the charge for a long time already… Not sure that the fans were therefore delighted when they learned that the younger sister was taking even less time…

Even if many rumors circulate about the PS5 , the famous patent concerning the console controller would be authentic. Sony has also given a brief description on this subject:

” A wireless charging adapter that can be attached to a controller . It can also be coupled by induction to a charging station. The goal is to recharge the controller battery. » It remains to be seen if the Japanese firm will stay on this project or if it will prefer to make changes before the release.


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