PS5: Will “Between Us” be on the new console?


Among Us may well be THE containment game. Indeed, the game has seen a gain in popularity. It could therefore land on PS5!

There is no need to say: Among Us has been trending since the start of 2020. It must be said that Covid-19 has forced us to find other ways to socialize, after all. Thus, the game could become popular on PS5 and others.

Among Us, the game of the year? This game has experienced a phenomenal rise in this time of pandemic that we are experiencing across the world.

Indeed, who says confinement, says games with friends. What could be better than this game, so who will everyone agree?

The arrival of the PS5 and its rival the Xbox Series X is timely. The developers of the game could therefore adapt it to console.

And not only on next-gen consoles, since the Xbox One and PS4 are just as used by casual gamers as confirmed. Never mind.

The game could therefore be entitled to its port on PS5, in the same way as the other consoles. Should we expect it?


A priori, there will be no port to PS4 or even PS5 at present. On the other hand, players on Xbox can already rejoice: the game is coming in 2021.

It is also available for less than 4 euros on Nintendo Switch and accessible via Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers. What about the PS players?

Nothing tells us that the game’s arrival on Xbox Series X and Xbox One will be exclusive. So it could be that the game arrives at the same time or a little later on PlayStation 5.

In short, let’s not claim victory too quickly … However, there is no apparent reason why the devs of Among Us should refuse the market share that the PS5 is. To be continued…


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