PS5 will be region free: it will not have regional blocking


PlayStation confirms that PS5 will be region free. At the same time, we know the recommendations for use so as not to interfere with the cooling system.

PS5 will be region free, that is, the games will not have regional blocking. This has been confirmed by PlayStation in an extensive FAQ published on its blog. Regardless of the country where you buy a game, it will work on either PlayStation 5 model.

The decision follows in the footsteps of PS4, which already dispensed with the limitations by region. The confirmation leaves a free scenario in the new generation: both Sony and Microsoft have opted to let you choose where you want to buy their products.

In the same FAQ, the Japanese company specifies the recommendations for use to maintain good ventilation:

Place the console at least 10 cm away from a surface.

Do not place it on a carpet or a surface with long fibers.

Do not put it in a narrow or obtuse space.

Do not cover it with a cloth.

Don’t allow dust to accumulate on the vents.

In this last point they advise using “a cleaning tool, such as a vacuum cleaner” to remove this accumulation.

PlayStation does not shy away from the question of how much noise it makes while we play. During the same post, he explains that the goal has been to make “PS5 quieter than PS4.” “This is due to changes in the power supply and cooling systems, in addition to custom engineering work that includes a heat sink and thermal interface of liquid metal-based material.” This last point was one of the main elements of the first official teardown.

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PS5 will hit the Spanish market on November 19. A few days before, on November 12, it will do so in selected markets, such as the United States and Japan, among others. In the case of games, they will arrive early in our country, although without the console we will be able to do little. We talked about first-batch titles like Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


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