PS5 Will Allow To Play Physical Games Offline


Players who buy physical games for the disc version of Sony’s new console PS5 will be able to enter the game and continue playing offline without any updates, unless the game is online.

Sony’s new game console PS5 will be on sale very soon, but it continues to appear with new information before that. Today, we also saw the user interface of the new console. The only information obtained was not the interface. We learned some important information about the console in an article produced by Digital Foundry for PS5.

According to the published article, the PS5 console allows you to install physical games offline and even play offline. Imagine that when you buy a game for hundreds of dollars and come home and insert the disc into your PS5, it doesn’t start without updating. Maybe your internet connection is not very good or you don’t have it at all. Fortunately, Sony has made it possible to play games that can be bought on disc, offline, without any problems, in addition to online games.

This innovation will be very important especially for people who do not have a stable internet connection at every point, as in our country. Of course, to use this feature, it is necessary to have a disc version of the console.

Sony showed the user interface of PlayStation 5

Apart from this information, Sony today showed the long-awaited PS5 interface with a video. The company, which aims to provide an interesting and personal experience to the players, shared a video with its post on its official website.

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