PS5: Why doesn’t Rocket League work at 120fps?


The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions can be configured with that option; Psyonix explains the why. Just a few weeks ago, Rocket League went free-to-play, a transition that has been completed after Epic Games acquired Psyonix, the studio responsible. With the arrival of the new consoles, it was officially confirmed that the title would be adapted to the new generation.

However, not all platforms offer the same options. While Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S allow to enable 120 fps at lower resolutions, the study has not done the same with the PS5 version, which works exactly the same as the PS4 Pro (4K checkboard and 60 fps). Psyonix has sent a statement to Push Square in which they state that it is more complicated to enable it on the Sony console.

Official statement

“Right now we have no additional information to comment on our plans regarding PS5, but we can shed more light on the whys,” begins the note. “Our team has focused this year on the recent transition to the free-to-play model, as well as improving key features such as the Tournament system. Because of this we have had to make difficult decisions about what we could achieve [in this time frame]. ”

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According to the developer, “enabling 120hz on Xbox Series X / S is done through a minor patch, while on PS5 it requires a full native port due to how backward compatibility is implemented in the console. Unfortunately it has not been possible to do so ”.

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Psyonix neither confirms nor denies that this will change in the future, so Rocket League fans will have to wait until something new is officially announced. Meanwhile, all players can enjoy the video game on all the platforms on which it is available, which are not few. To PS4, Xbox One and PC we must add Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.


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