PS5: where to buy and reserve PlayStation 5; date


Some stores will begin a new batch of pre-orders of the new Playstation on the 19th. There will be no single consoles in any store.

On November 19, Playstation 5 goes on sale in Spain and Europe. Due to the current situation with the global pandemic, the launch of the new machine is carried out in a more limited way than in previous generations. The first consequence is that there will be no single units in stores, all the stock of the large chains in the country is assigned to those who already had a confirmed reservation and therefore we strongly recommend that you do not go to the stores without a confirmed reservation “in case the flute will sound. ”

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All the big names are making an effort to communicate that the only way to get a PS5 in the coming weeks, if you did not previously have a reservation, will be to try to book in the new purely online reservation periods that will open on launch day, the 19 .

We go on to detail all the options to reserve a console tomorrow, always making it clear that the time between making the new reservation and the delivery of the console can be delayed for weeks.

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The shopping center par excellence of our territory remembers that there will be no units available in any physical store. Starting at 10:00 am on the 19th, you can try to make an online reservation for the new wave, with an estimated delivery date of December 15.


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